In this section you can find information regarding our equipment for liquid filtration


Aqua Nova 200 bAquaNova 

Osmosis system to produce and supply the right water for the printign industry. Manufactured in different capacity and productivity models. (read more)

Eolo sitoEolo 

Humidification system to stabilize humidity in different kind of sites, specific for printing industry. Able to control up to two different rooms. (read more)

renova print particolareRenova Print

Fountain solution filtering unit for offset printing machines. It extends life of the dampening solution, reducing cost, waste and maintenance costs.
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Renova DEV 2 bRenova Dev

Chemistry filtering unit to be connected to a plate processor to extend life of the develop and reduce waste and cost. (read more)


SR120 ricircolo sx bbSR120

Water filtering unit to be connected to pre-press equipment or any device working in a close circuit. Extending water life, reducing waste and cost. (read more)

SolventCleaner1 bSolvent Cleaner

Solvent cleaner for the filtration of waste chemistry and solvent to be reused in the process. (read more