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Baking Ovens

Orion 65-85

orion 85

Very affordable and robust manual oven, allows a perfect baking of plates for longer runs.

Available in two sizes, 65 and 85 cms with manual loading from upper side.

Simple and fast use thanks to the very easy-to-use control panel.

Possibility to inlet up to 5 plates per time. Perfect thermic insulation, working temperature at 230°C.

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Orion 104-135

orion 104-135

Bigger version, available in two sizes: 104 and 135 cms.

Upper side loading (2 plates per time for mod 104 and 4 plates mod 135).

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Sun 85-120-150

orion 104-135

Very affordable and robust automatic oven, allows a perfect baking of plates for longer runs.

It can be installed online immediately after the processing of the plate.

Available in 85 - 120 - 150 cms sizes.

Characteristic of this automatic oven is the uniformity of the temperature on the plate, thanks to an accurate hot air circulation inside it. All settings can be changed from the panel as speed and temperature.

In only 50 mins Sun can reach a working temperature of 245°C. As option a motorized table to cool down the plate before rinsing and regumming.

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