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Aquanova 200

an Osmosis Sytem for printers who wants to staibilize water, eliminating hardness, limestone and bacteria. This avoid limestone crasting, oxidation of dampening rollers, algae and mold compositions, giving more cleaning of the blankets.

Are you sure to have right and steady water to supply your printing machine?

Model AquaNova 100: is suitable for small printers: it has a production of 18 lts./h and a capacity of 70 lts.
Model AquaNova 200: can produce 40 lts./h with a capacity of 200 lts. You can connect directly up to 2 printing machines.
Model AquaNova 300: produces 160 lts./h with a capacity of 300 lts. You can connect directly up to 5 printing machines.

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  • AQUA NOVA 300 b
  • Aqua Nova 200 b
  • AquaNova 100 b