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Solvent Cleaner

Solvent Cleaner 15 - 60

SolventCleaner 15 60 insieme

Distiller for the regeneration of the waste liquids and their reuse. Version for small quantities, 15 litres cycles (3.75 gallons) and bigger version for 60 liters (15.84 gallons). Tank in stainless steel.

Very strong and easy-to-use units. Proper for the graphic industry, body repair shop, furniture and metals painters, laboratories. Condenser in copper, air cooled. Tilting, to allow an easy cleaning. Timed cycles with adjustable parameters. Temperatures gauges. Relief safety valve.

Optional: Vacuum generator in stainless steel to be able to distil high boiling solvent with flash point > 60°C (140°F) or boiling point > 150°C (300°F). Distillation Bags which avoid manual cleaning of the tank and increase the recovered.

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  • SolventCleaner 15 60 insieme
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