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About Us

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We are an Italian company focused for many years in the production of graphic arts equipment, i.e. traditional and ctp plate processors, gumming units for chemistry free plates, film processors, plate washers, flexo plates cleaner, copy frames, automatic and manual ovens, complete automatic line, stackers, filtration systems for water, chemistry and fountain solution, reverse osmosis, densitometer, plate readers.

We manufacture a wide range of plate processors for any kind of tecnology: for thermal and violet plates, for high or medium-low production. Gumming units for the new chemistry free plates, thermal or violet.
In addition all the accessories as conveyors, stackers, automaitc and manual ovens.

A specific section dedicated to the liquid filtration as water recyclers, develop and fountain solution economizer. Different solutions for osmosis systems, studied for the needs of the graphic arts. 
Very precise and accurate densitometer and plate readers for a careful color control. One mission we have since many years!

Now since 2012 Ovit is more and more present in the flexo market offering a range of cleaning machines to remove ink and dirtyness from plates, anilox, parts. Many flessographic printers choose Ovit as a valid partner for this kind of device: strong, reliable and efficient.

We are  present all over Italy with direct delegates and partners; in many countries of the world with a large network of dealers. We mainly cover at the moment the European markets, North and South Africa, Brazil, Arab Countries. 
Even big world-wide companies and important distributors (such as Heidelberg, Agfa, Screen) have choosen OVIT as a trustworty partners to ofefr high quality equipment to their customers.