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Offset plate reader

MasterDot Basic/Pro

master dot

Masterdot is the ideal instrument to read plates!

Accuarate and precise, this unit allows you to analize dots on offest plates in all the desired characterists. From low percetage up to 1% to max values near 100%.

Reading on all different offset platesincluding chemistry free, polyester and printing paper.

All the different dots: traditionals (AM), stochastic (FM) and hibrid (XM).

it is produced in two versions: Basic and Pro.

In the Pro configuration you can also calculate dot diameter, screen ruling, screen angle, dot % curve and soring up to 200 measuraments.

It can be connected to a PC with included software.

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  • MasterDot display b
  • MasterDot b
  • MasterDot back b