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Equipment for Flexographic Printing

Flexomatic bb

Cleaning unit Flexomatic

Cleaning unit for flexographic plates after printing for achieving and re-use. This kind of machine is becaming more ad more popular as it is no more convenient to clean by hand for many reasons.

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Aniloxmatic1 b


Cleaning unit for flexo anilox and cylinders.

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sleevematic part b


Cleaning unit for engraved sleeves after printing to be achieved and re-used.

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carrello archivia maniche b

Sleeve Portable Storage

Trolley for the storage and transport of anilox and sleeves.

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LGF Conveyors

Automatic conveyors to introduce multiple cliché into a plate washer unit.

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piano uscita b

ST Outlet Table

Slope tables to collect multiple clichè after washing in an automatic plate washer.

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