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Anilox Cleaner


Aniloxmatic1 b

Very robust and ecological, it is made in stainless steel.

Proper for the washing of cylinders and anilox to be stored and used again.

Cleaning from every type of ink through a first phase with heated detergent and a second phase with an high pressure heated water jet that ensures the cleaning in depth of the single cells.

Manual anilox housing from the top and fixing through watertight custom made gaskets with the possibility to house different diameters. Great saving of time and conformity to the safety normative for the operator and for the environment by automatizing the cleaning process.

Heating and filtration of the detergent liquid for a great cleaning action and duration of the chemistry. Filtration with water closed circuit in order to have a great water saving and less pollution.

External deep filtration to prevent foam creation. Drying through compressed air. All parameters are adjustable through digital control panel.

Model 1800 - max useful size mms 1400 (55") anilox sleeve, 1800 mms (70") anilox with pins
Model 2200 - max useful size mms 1800 (70") anilox sleeve, 2200 mm (86") anilox with pins

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