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Flexographic plate cleaner



Do you need to clean your flexo plates accurately and with less chemistry consumption? Flexomatic is the right machine for you!

Automatic cleaning machine: no more by hands!

For printers who want to clean plates after use and store.

Models 45, 65, 95 e 120. Useful sizes: 450 mms (17"), 650 mms. (25"), 950 mms. (37") e 1200 mms. (47"). Min plate size 140 mms (5.5").

Very robust, compact and easy to use is suitable to remove water, solvent or UV based inks. Indipendent speed for plate and brushes.

Cleaning solvent recycler, with heating ad filtration.

Water recycler and filtration as well. Inlet conveyors and outlet tables are available for automatic use, fit for high volume.

Flexomatic S

This unit is also available in a special version "S" using solvent for cleaning.

Customers with high production and a large volume of plates to clean may appreciate to use this version especially to reduce a lot consumables cost.

This is an Atex 2 unit usiing a 80/20 mix of solvent, also coming from the distillation unit (visit also our Solvent Cleaner 15 or 60 liters distillation equipment).

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  • Flexomatic 120 2015 1 Scont
  • Flexomatic bb
  • Flexomatic 120 2015 3 Scont
  • Flexomatic 120 2015 (9) b rit