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New Ecomatic

Ecomatic lavalastre

New Version 2017

Very ecological machine. This is a very robust, affordable unit for high production: it allows a very fast and accurate washing of offset plates after printing for storing.

Secure archiving thanks to a perfect washing and protection gumming.

ECOMATIC is produced in 3 formats: 90, 120 and 140 cms. and a new Fast version for high volume customers.

All the internal parts are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance and cleaning of all the parts. Tanks are separated and with closed circuits allowing different circulation of liquids.

Automatic temporized system moves all the rollers during stand-by periods to avoid sticking of rollers.

Closed circuit rinse with heated and filtered water with 120 lts external recycler.

As all the Ovit products is produced under CE mark as a guarantee of security according to european rule.

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